Marketing Automation for Athletic Retailers

We Provide Detailed Athlete Customer Profiles

Your athletes don’t fit in boxes, understand them better through their daily fitness activity.

Kathy S San Francisco, CA
Weekly Distance 35k
Pace Group Casual
Social Score Highly Social
Goal Trail Marathon
Workout Frequency Almost Daily
Training Group Solo

We link your customers to their training profile. This provides you with a whole new way to view how your customers are using your products.

Supported Training Platforms

How Athletic Marketing Can Be Better

Personalized marketing for athletes like never before. Let’s use Kathy from above as an example:


unboxed ™

There are 3,302 athlete types. We help you market to each of them.

Build Dynamic Customer Segments

Discover new ways to market to your customers by creating segments that are personalized to all different athlete types.

Easy To Start, Simple To Use

Get started by using one of our marketing automation templates, or launch a custom messaging campaign from scratch. It’s all up to you.


Easily create on-brand messaging that is tailored to your dynamic customer segments.

Custom Event Triggers

Reach out to your customers based on their athletic behavior and product usage.


We work with most existing ecommerce solutions. Quickly import and export your unboxed data to the platform of your choice.

Personalized Engagement Pays Off

Get a head start on the competition. Are you ready to supercharge customer loyalty and your direct-to-consumer sales?


Purchase Frequency

We can use machine learning to determine when is the optimal time to reach out to customer to re-order. 38% of athletes use gear beyond the recommended product life.


Returns Reduction

Our rich athlete profiles that allow us to better predict sizes, and products that will work for them.


Increased Engagement

Personalized engagement is the future of brand marketing. Better athletes = better customers.